Five years and …

It’s been nearly five years since publishing The Wilding and I know what you’re thinking: This is the post where I reveal I have finally finished the sequel (The Faming)!!!

Let me crush your hopes right here: it isn’t finished. It’s in some massive rewrites that you will thank me for later, trust me.

But here’s something to lift your spirits: I have written a short story and it was published this month by TL;DR Press in their science-fiction anthology. And the best part? There’s an equine in it.

So check out “A Unicorn in the Time of Dinosaurs” in Beneath Strange Stars. Click here to order. All proceeds go to The Association of Science Education.

Art by Tim Showers

I will be writing more short stories in 2020 and my hope is to update here when/if they get published. I promise The Faming will be worth the wait. After scratching this short story itch, I hope I’ll have time to do the most exhaustive part of good writing: editing.

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